No Clogs


As promised, men of MHC, I’m back again to talk with you about relating to the Holy Spirit.  And what better way is there to start the conversation than to tell you about a dream I had last night?  Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  “Dreams aren’t normally the expertise of evangelicals.”

Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a shot.

The Bible records at least 19 instances in which God spoke to one of His people through a dream––and the book of Joel implies that as history wears thin, ordinary people like you and I will increasingly experience God through dreams.  I tell you this because it’s a good place to start.  Remember, the Holy Spirit is like the wind––He often materializes in ways unexpected, and He most assuredly will not be controlled.  He speaks regularly through the Bible.  But He also speaks through Creation, (Ps. 19), through people, (believers and unbelievers), through dreams, through circumstances, and through that “still, small voice” some refer to when they suspect God is trying to get their attention, but don’t know what to call it.  On one occasion in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit even spoke through a donkey, (Numbers 22: 21-39).  Compared to that, a dream’s not so weird, is it?

In my dream, I’m standing in an old, log cabin.  It’s an attractive cabin––warm, well-furnished, inviting––the type of place you might be attracted to, were it not for the pools of stagnant water standing everywhere.  I am up to my knees in the brown ooze, thinking to myself, “Who lives here?  And why hasn’t he done something about this mess?”

Suddenly, my foot bumps against some spongy mass beneath the surface, and––with a belch––the mass gives way, and a mighty exodus of water begins to rush down an unseen drain.  On and on it rushes, while I stand back and gawk at the receding water line, taking note of previously submerged furniture, ornate rugs, and beautiful wooden floors.  Just before I wake up, I remember thinking to myself, “This place looks pretty good for having been water-logged.  A guy could actually live here.”

When I awoke, I sat up on the side of my bed and did what I always do when I’m aware I’ve had one of “those” dreams––I asked the Holy Spirit for an interpretation.  And His “still, small voice” said…

“The cabin in your dream is an ordinary place of residence, representative of a man’s life.   The clog stands for the man’s sin.  And the water is the spiritual condition of the man’s life, putrid because of the clog.  When the clog is removed, the water can flow, and the state of the house can be restored.”

Now, this may sound like mumbo-jumbo to you, unless you understand the Holy Spirit’s ways are higher than our ways––including the ways He sometimes communicates with us.  But if you can accept this, you’re ready for the next question…

Do you have any clogs in your life, my friend?  I’m not talking about a little hair in the bottom of your shower. (If you’re my age, that’s expected.)  I’m talking about that beard-stubble-band-aids-and-bubble-gum-type of clog that’s lodged in the u-trap of your soul, and is going to take one heck of a snake to dislodge it.  What I’m trying to say here is that the common clogs of a man’s life––the ones like bad temper, lustful binges, reckless spending, selfish ambition, bitter jealousy, or good, old-fashioned pride, passivity, and procrastination––will not only make a mess of one’s life, (one’s cabin), but will also put the Holy Spirit’s voice on “mute”.  And the only thing worse than a soggy, cabin is a soggy, silent cabin.

Is your cabin soggy and silent?  Would you like that to change?  Would you like to open up the channels of communication with the God who lives inside your chest?  Then say these words with me… “No clogs!”  And mean it when you say it.  If you’re a saved man, then your heart is now the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, who deserves nothing less than a clean, comfortable, respectable cabin in which to hang His hat.  So, go after those clogs!  Identify them!  Roto-root them out through some serious confession to God, and to anyone you may have sinned against.  Soon, your ability to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice and experience His power will begin to flow.

If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to confession, check out the “common clogs” I mentioned two paragraphs ago, and you probably won’t have to look much further.

To experience the Holy Spirit, men, we have to get our houses in order.  So, say the words one more time with me…”No clogs!”

Until next time, I am as always…

Your friend,





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